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The Solution

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In light of the challenges of preaching in exile, preaching burnout, and preaching shortages in the United States and around the world, the International Center for Preaching exists to equip and encourage ministers, lay preachers, and future proclaimers of the Gospel to effectively communicate the Good News. The center will also help Mid-South Christian College fulfill its core purpose of being a ministry focused college, faculty, and student body by


Improving preaching education and professional development opportunities. 

  • Develop an innovative BA in Ministry/Preaching in English and Spanish

  • Offer a practical and professional Certificate in Preaching in English and Spanish

  • Host Preaching Workshops and Retreats

  • Build a State-of-the-Art Preaching Chapel


Creating opportunities for preachers to connect with intergenerational peers and mentors.

  • Discover and Encourage the Next Generation Preachers

  • Coordinate Preaching Conferences and Contests

  • Facilitate Peer Learning Groups

  • Foster Intergenerational Coaching and Mentoring Opportunities


Providing continuing education and ministerial resources for those serving small congregations.

  • Create an Online and On-Campus Preaching Library

  • Publish a blog featuring articles and news regarding Christian preaching

  • Record a Podcast for interviews and sermons featuring Christian Preachers

  • Provide a Preaching Research and Preparation space on campus

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