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Certificate Program

Starts the Spring 2022 Semester

Admission process will begin in December 2021. Sign up below to receive updates.

Between Church & Bible College...

When Sunday school isn't quite enough, but a formal Bible College or seminary program isn't currently the right fit, the Certificate Program might be exactly what you need. It is substantial study in a flexible format for anyone who wants to learn, but who does not have the finances, time, or interest to currently pursue a formal degree.


Certificate Program students include:

  • Student ministers

  • Elders

  • Bi-vocational ministers

  • Lay ministers

  • Candidates for ministry licensing

  • Deacons

  • Sunday School teachers

  • Church volunteers of all varieties

  • Youth Ministers

  • Worship leaders

  • Children’s ministers


Our goal is for men who are called to preach the Gospel to gain knowledge of the Christian faith and an increased effectiveness in ministering to others. Whether you desire to study the Bible more, feel called to serve the local church in volunteer or lay ministry, or want to pursue your faith more deeply, we want to help you with a program that can inspire, encourage, and equip you to proclaim the Gospel in an ever-changing world.

Spring 2021 Course Schedule

5 credit hours transferrable upon admission to Mid-South Christian College.

Communicating the Bible - 3 credit hours

This beginning course in the art of preaching is designed to introduce the student to different types of sermons and effective preparation methods. It is designed so the student will learn how to communicate, in a homiletical form, the truth contained in a selected passage of scripture, stressing scripture analysis, exposition, illustration, and modern application.

Spiritual Growth – 2 credit hours

An introduction to spiritual formation, disciplines, and gifts the student can put in place to facilitate spiritual growth. The purpose of the course is to enable students to examine and nurture their relationship with the Lord. Attention will also be given to the reality of spiritual warfare and strategies for victory.

In-Person Program – Weekly In-Person

Starting Monday, January 10 from 1-5 pm for 15 weeks.

Financial Information


Total Program Cost - $150 per credit hour x 16 = $2,400;

Spring Semester: 5 credit hours of class = $750, which can be spread into 3 monthly payments of $250.

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